"Organization is everything now" - Realtor, Prominence Homes

Home Buyers Expect Ample Storage & Fully-Functional Garages

Home builders and real estate agents serve as valuable resources to help homeowners outfit their garages as desired. An introduction to Garages Organized is beneficial to both you and your clients.


Our services facilitate the selling process. Our solutions enable buyers.

With an organized garage, it's easy to adhere to community deed restrictions without the unnecessary burden of an off-site storage unit.

  • Listing Agents:  When you're working with elderly couples, single parents and out-of-state movers, you can list their homes faster with us. We unlock space in the garage to store furniture during the home staging process. Everyone benefits from a home listed and sold faster. 

  • Buyer’s Agents: Increase your referral rate by adding us to your toolbox. Home buyers love moving in to find they can fully unpack while their garage remains functional.

Home Builders

We increase closing rates for both production builders and custom builders. 

  • Production Builders: As a resource to your sales team, we help differentiate your communities from your competitors’.

  • Custom Builders: Our floor coatings and storage systems add the finishing touches your clients look for when touring your model homes. We showcase the functional value they can receive when designing their dream home with you. 


Partnering with us increases your property values and decreases your vacancy rates. This translates to more income, higher rental rates and better quality tenants. Had to evict someone? We'll remove what they left behind and upgrade the garage so you can fill the space faster for more money.


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