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-Psychology Today

Researchers have determined a cluttered home is a stressful home. Improve your garage safety for a stress-free life. Read more...

-Psychology Today

-Psychology Today

-Psychology Today

Clutter impairs our perspective and dampens our feelings. That's no way to live in Austin, TX! Read more...


-Psychology Today


With a garage cleanout, you're attitude and health will improve by taking action on your home clutter. Read more... 

case study: garage clean outs are More than just junk hauls

Waste and recyclables were diverted from the landfill to help meet the City of Austin's zero waste goals.

Barton Creek Case Study (pdf)


how garages get out of control

"Garages were never designed to meet our needs"

Garages are mass-produced from a one size fits all blueprint. When the garage architects sit down, they don't consider factors like family composition, volume of possessions or daily routines. So naturally, our garages turn into family catch all's, junk drawers and stockpiling spaces.

But we try to make it work for five, ten or twenty fives years before we realize we haven't gotten around to it. 

Meanwhile, a life-threatening hazard has blossomed. Every year in the U.S., there are over 10,000 injuries and over 6,600 garage fires resulting in over $457 million in property loss.*

So we start moving things into storage, adding thousands of dollars to our annual expenses. Did you know that Austin is home to the most expensive storage units in the state? 

Our mental health is impacted. Clutter creates procrastination, zaps happiness and boosts stress levels. 

No wonder we don't have the energy to do it ourselves, or to hire an army of contractors to do it for us. 

However, since 2015, Garages Organized has served Greater Austin as the choice provider of fast and affordable garage organization services. With a unique blend of services, we make it easier than ever to get organized once and for all.

 *sources: U.S. Fire Administration & National Electronic Injury Surveillance System 

disorganized garage with no storage shelves in austin, tx

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