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Rich Wiley, Managing Partner, Garages Organized

Rich Wiley, Founder

Jeff Julia, Managing Partner

Jeff Julia, Managing Partner

 Rich is an expert at installing complex systems that function safely and maintenance-free for years. He has a deep background in construction and has synchronized his professional experience with his organizing passion, delivering 5-star results since founding Garages Organized in 2015.

Jeff Julia Habitat for Humanity in Haiti, Managing Partner, Garages Organized

Jeff Julia, Managing Partner

Jeff Julia, Managing Partner

Jeff Julia, Managing Partner

Jeff is an efficiency engineer who has spent the last 10 years saving businesses money. Since his college years, he has led construction projects for families in need with Habitat for Humanity. As an entrepreneur, he is always looking for new ways to delight their clients.

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Rich Wiley owner of Garages Organized in Austin, TX

Our Founding Story

In 2015, my garage was far from organized - it was a disaster. I was low on money and in-between jobs. As a union worker, sometimes I went 9 months without pay. It was a dry period and I felt stressed about my uncertain future. 

As I stumbled through my garage, overwhelmed by the mess, struggling to find “that thing I was looking for”, I reached my limit. I couldn’t take it anymore. The place had become an embarrassment. Crammed with belongings and bursting at the seams, I couldn't raise the garage door. Far from functional, it served as possession purgatory. With nothing else to do, I started decluttering. 

I’ve always had a knack for organizing, but the garage had taken a back seat as I looked for work. That’s when it hit me. I dashed inside, grabbed my computer and opened Facebook (of all things, right?). Surely some of my friends had the same problem, perhaps they would pay me to organize their garages. I created a post. Then I waited. 

To my delight, three friends raised their hands. After completing these first projects, I could tell something had changed. I couldn't put my finger on it then, but what I saw in my friends before-then-after, baffled me. I had set out to earn some money to carry me through the month, but I soon discovered I gave a gift beyond storage racks, garage cabinets and fresh floor space. I gave my friends a new start. 

Not only did their garages look great, they looked great too. Light, relieved, relaxed. I did too. This experience led me to start Garages Organized. We take pride in providing a garage worth opening for everyone who trusts us with their garage. Helping people complete the impossible, brings us tremendous joy. The reactions we receive are dramatic, vivid and energized. Finding family keepsakes, inspiring passion projects, arousing weekend getaways, this is why we organize garages. Our approach is straight forward and our style is practical. Schedule an appointment with us to learn why we hold a 5-star review and take your first step toward a garage worth opening.


Rich Wiley

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